Senior Champion of the Year 2020: Tracey White
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Woman standing in the Scottish parliament

Senior Champion of the Year 2020: Tracey White

Tracey White is a member of the Scottish Parliament’s Leadership Group and heads up the Chamber, Reporting and Broadcasting Offices.

She is ‘Leadership Group Champion’ of SPOut (the Scottish Parliament’s LGBT network) and has been a visible ally in that role.

Tracey was the first Leadership Group member to wear her rainbow lanyard around Parliament and one of the first senior clerks to wear it in the chamber. Tracey also contributed to SPOut’s LGBT History Month video, which was distributed across the Parliament, and has actively supported the network group to secure funding for conferences, events, pride marches and materials.

Tracey has consistently encouraged and supported SPOut members. She’s become a mentor to many members of the SPOut steering group and has shown exemplary leadership during her time as Champion, identifying opportunities for the group and helping it negotiate various challenges.

Senior leaders need to take an active role in delivering diversity at work, setting the culture and supporting staff to allow them to bring their whole selves to work.

That’s how we can make sure that people are able to achieve their full potential.

Being a visible senior role model in this area is quite simply the right thing to do. I’m very proud that the Scottish Parliament’s SPOut network, and my role within that, has been recognised by Stonewall.”

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