Ray's workplace story
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Ray's workplace story

Name: Ray Vincent
Role: Associate Chaplain
Organisation: Chaplaincy at the University of South Wales
Sector: Education

How does your identity relate to your work?

I’m a gay man and a semi-retired Baptist minister working as part of the University Chaplaincy team. The Chaplaincy is committed to inclusivity and has encouraged me to be its LGBT+ champion. The valleys region is not as cosmopolitan as most, but I feel very much at home and affirmed working at the university.

Why are workplace role models important?

Role models are mainly important because they can be an encouragement to people who are not at ease with being open about their sexuality. My chief regret is that I was not more open in my younger days. Not only did this restrict my own life, but I think of people I might have helped and encouraged by being out.

As a minister, I can give encouragement to people who have been wounded by the attitude of churches, and to people who reject Christianity because they think it rejects them.

Why are allies important in the workplace?

Because they can speak for people who are different from themselves and show that inclusivity is not just a concern of minorities. My advice for an LGBT person starting their career would be to be open from the start and to associate with supportive allies.

Ray's workplace story

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