Miki Vyse
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Miki Vyse

Miki Vyse's story

Miki Vyse (pronouns: she/her), Regional Director for The Jewish Leadership Council and one of our School Role Models, has spoken to over a thousand young people and over 20 teachers about being your authentic self as an LGBT person of faith. Discover her story below.

I work alongside 36 different Jewish charities to enhance and amplify their work. From social care to community security, from religious bodies to Jewish education, I help make sure politicians and key decision-makers are aware of the Jewish community's contribution to society. We provide briefings and host meetings where we discuss best practice within the community, as well as organising events that bring the community together.

I try to do as many School Role Model vists as possible. I really enjoy them, and the feedback I've had from young people and teachers shows me that it's worth it.

A while ago, I did five back-to-back School Role Model sessions with one school - that day, I spoke to over 1,000 young people (and over 20 teachers) about the importance of being your authentic self, and how living an authentic life has made me the best me I can be me.

I work for a different faith community to the one in which I was brought up, and I speak to people of all faiths and none. Each of us has different motivations and one of mine is my faith; using my knowledge of being religious and LGBT to spread happiness and hope is something I am so proud of.

We're in a time of disharmony at the moment, but we mustn't forget that, while there may be a few loud voices, behind the scenes there are hundreds if not thousands of people working hard to make our communities live happy and fruitful lives together in harmony.

We've come a long way from Stonewall's founding 30 years ago, but our fight is not over. Collaboration, conversation and cohesion are how we've changed things and how we will continue to.