Lesbian Role Model of the Year 2019: Jacqueline Quinn
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Lesbian Role Model of the Year 2019

Lesbian Role Model of the Year 2019: Jacqueline Quinn

Jacqueline Quinn, Senior Learning Experience Manager, Sky UK

Jacqueline Quinn is a network lead for Sky UK’s LGBT+ network, and an outstanding campaigner for LGBT equality and disability rights. Jacqueline’s passion for learning and development has powered change at Sky. She is known for changing mindsets and inspiring leaders to build more inclusive workplaces through her empowering engagement programmes.

Her restlessness to deliver equality has supported Sky’s journey to become a Stonewall Top 100 Employer.

Jacqueline has pioneered professional development and mentor programmes for LGBT+ employees, leaders and allies. She’s facilitated dynamic roadshows, hosted fundraising events and brings a focus to intersectionality through her own experiences and powerful storytelling.

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