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Joe Waterton

Director of Fundraising

Pronouns: he/him

I lead on Fundraising for Stonewall to generate much-needed income that means we can deliver our programmes and activities. In Fundraising, we work hard to connect people to our work, giving them choice in how they support Stonewall. This may be through regular giving, leaving money in a will, being an ambassador, becoming a corporate partner, running a marathon or participating in one of our events. There are so many ways to support Stonewall – this enables us to work with more LGBTQ+ communities in the UK, and across the world, to transform people’s lives so they can be free. I also lead my team to look after our supporters, through stewardship, supporter care and account management activities so that people have an amazing experience while they choose to support our vital work.

Before joining Stonewall, I was responsible for raising, or leading on raising, a total of £75m gross income for three different charities. I delivered a high-value campaign, generating £2m in 12 months for

young people at risk of exploitation. I also secured a £5m investment for a groundbreaking proposal to support deaf people with acute mental health needs.

Way back in 1992, I was the LGB Officer for Goldsmiths’ Students’ Union! It was an elected post where I cut my teeth in the world of fighting for LGBTQ+ people’s human rights (at the time we were fighting for equal age of consent). Nowadays, I love writing music, purely for the enjoyment of the few friends of mine who like the songs I compose!