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Frankie's Story

The current Gender Recognition Act doesn’t work at all for me. I’m 17, so I’m too young to apply (you have to be 18). I think It should be easier for younger trans people to get a Gender Recognition Certificate. We should be trusted to make the decisions only we can make, especially as there’s very little consequence to anybody else. 

As a non-binary trans person, I want to be legally recognised. That’s why GRA reform must include recognition for genderqueer and other non-binary identities. Legal recognition would normalise us and help end discrimination. 

I dream of acceptance. I dream of not having to read ignorant and prejudiced coverage of trans issues in the news every day. I dream of not worrying if a new friend will treat me differently once I ask them to use they/them pronouns. 

I believe all this will happen. Eventually. And improving legal recognition for all trans people is a crucial step towards creating a society that doesn’t just tolerate trans people but loves and cherishes us.

The consultation to reform the GRA is now closed. But campaigning for trans rights is not over.