Employee Network Group of the Year 2019: Spectrum, GSK
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Employee Network Group of the Year 2019: Spectrum, GSK

Spectrum, GSK

GSK’s LGBT+ network, Spectrum, has grown from a small support group for LGBT+ employees to over 1,000 members, LGBT+ and allies, across GSK’s UK sites.

Spectrum aims to connect like-minded employees, provide support and help GSK shape a more inclusive environment for LGBT+ employees.

This year Spectrum ran a very popular selfie campaign to mark International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, and organised flying the rainbow flag at GSK’s sites during Pride, a gesture that has since been replicated globally.

Spectrum helps to advise the business with members sitting on the Global LGBT+ council next to senior executives from across the business, which has helped shape policy, engagement and training across the business. Network members also take part in reverse-mentoring, as LGBT+ mentors to senior leaders. This year, 22 senior leaders have participated in the scheme.

Externally, Spectrum has also helped to form two external networks that aim to drive LGBT+ equality in science, including the Proud Science Alliance, the first science-based LGBT+ network in the world.