Dr Kyle Ring | Stonewall
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Person of colour with dreadlocks, in a blue shirt with a red beanie hat, looks at the camera from an inside room

Dr Kyle Ring

Dr Kyle Ring (they/them)

Medical doctor

I have been working as a medical doctor for the last nine years and am nearing the end of my specialist training in HIV and Sexual Health. I have sat on a number of national committees, but I am most proud of my work with Decolonising Contraception, a grassroots community group run exclusively by people of colour with the aim of addressing racial health inequalities in sexual and reproductive health.

I’m also passionate about challenging Euro-centric beauty standards. This inspired me to start an instagram page called @in.hair.itance, aimed at celebrating hair history and diversity for people of colour. The page now has more than 90K followers and continues to grow.

The LGBTQ+ movement has made so much progress over the last 50 years, in no small part due to our unity and recognition of the cis-heteronormative patriarchal powers which affect each of us. I hope that in the next five years we re-embrace the power of that unity, ensuring that no group is left behind. Our future success is dependent on cohesion, co-ordination and understanding.

I am so excited to join the Board of Trustees and be given the chance to represent such an inspirational organisation like Stonewall.