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Chay's Story

Chay's Story

I came out as trans three years ago, but I haven’t applied for a Gender Recognition Certificate. The application fee is £140. That’s three months’ council tax for me. As a GRC application can be rejected without the right of appeal, I can’t risk losing that amount of money. Nobody should have to choose between putting food on the table and legal gender recognition. It costs nothing to change a driving licence.

We need a cheaper, simpler, statutory declaration process with no requirement for medical reports.

It must include non-binary people too, who currently have no legal gender recognition at all. And it must include young people. You can leave school, get a job and pay tax at sixteen, so why aren’t you considered responsible enough to know what your own gender is?
I’m much more confident and outgoing since I transitioned. Life has changed completely. I’ve always had supportive employers and family, a stable income, and a roof over my head. Too many trans people aren’t so lucky so I make sure I use my privilege to make a difference.

The consultation to reform the GRA is now closed. But campaigning for trans rights is not over.