Ally of the Year 2019: David Mathers
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David Mathers

Ally of the Year 2019: David Mathers

David Mathers, Group Chief Financial Officer, Credit Suisse; Chief Executive, Credit Suisse International

David is Group Chief Financial Officer of Credit Suisse, and Chief Executive of Credit Suisse International, the bank’s main UK business. He is a proud member – and strong advocate – of Credit Suisse’s LGBT Ally programme.

David has been a vocal and supportive champion for LGBT issues within Credit Suisse, both in the UK and across the bank as a whole. His support is important given his place in the firm, and the visibility he brings to the Ally programme. He has been a strong supporter of the Bank’s Ally programme, encouraging employees throughout the organisation to sign-up as members. He also featured in a video, published internally and externally, which discussed the importance of diversity and inclusion within the workplace and was shared with the bank’s 45,000 employees globally. The video was particularly powerful in encouraging support for the LGBT programme at Credit Suisse.

When reverse mentoring was first introduced to the UK Executive Committee, David was the first to volunteer as a mentee, and encouraged other senior leaders to sign up. He meets with his mentor regularly and says that he has learnt a huge amount about LGBT identities, and in particular about intersectionality, by taking part.

David has helped to secure funding for the LGBT and Ally networks, and has led on the introduction of LGBT Ally lanyards across the UK campus and beyond. He regularly highlights the work of the LGBT Ally network at senior leadership events and through his monthly UK CEO newsletter.

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