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Adam Lake

Adam Lake (he/him)

Head of Climate Week NYC

The specialism I bring to the board is communications, though I have a wider interest in strategy and development. Since taking on responsibility for Climate Week NYC in 2018, a major focus for me has been to engage with a wider audience as part of our fight against climate change. My proudest achievement was helping Climate Week NYC support over 500 events in New York and around the world during a pandemic year.

I have been a campaigner of some description or another since as long as I can remember, but initially I worked as an actor. I think it was when I had to dress up as a donkey and dance on the pitch with the Cheeky Girls at Brentford football stadium that I realised I wanted something more meaningful from life. I decided to join PinkNews as an intern over a decade ago and this led to me becoming their Political Editor, after which I had several rewarding campaign roles.

I am incredibly excited to join the Trustee team. Stonewall has never been in a stronger position to create positive change for LGBTQ+ people in the UK and around the world. Inclusion is only as strong as its weakest link, and until equality encompasses our entire community – both through legal change as well as societal – we cannot say that any of us are equal. ‘Free to Be’, to me, is about having the ability to be as fabulous or as boring as anybody else, happy in the knowledge that the best way to be living our best lives is by living them as ourselves.