Out of the Margins - A Global LBT+ Rights Project
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Out of the Margins - A Global LBT+ Rights Project

All around the world lesbians, bi women and trans people (LBT+ communities) continue to be excluded by international movements and processes that should serve them. Out of the Margins aims to strengthen international advocacy on LBT+ rights.

Out of the Margins is a two-year international project which addresses human rights violations faced by lesbians, bi women and trans communities (LBT+) around the world. To deliver it, Stonewall is working in partnership with a now established network of 29 human rights organisations across three world regions – Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern and Southeast Europe, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Together, we will work to:

  • Deepen evidence for international advocacy on LBT+ human rights violations
  • Develop coalition working amongst campaigning organisations spanning 25 countries
  • Appeal for immediate action within regional and international human rights systems
  • Raise the visibility of LBT+ rights issues worldwide.

The first major activity is a three-day Expert Working Group Meeting in London during February 4-6 2019. Here, 29 leading LBT+ rights researchers and campaigners – representing a huge diversity of human rights organisations – will come together to develop specific research projects to be implemented in the 25 countries, and agree joint global advocacy plans.

Our work will reach across five focus issues, where LBT+ communities continue to face acute marginalisation:  

  • Civic and political participation
  • Economic well-being
  • Education
  • Health
  • Personal security and violence

The meeting will also be an opportunity to lay strong foundations for the following project stages, including an International LBT+ Advocacy Convening in December 2019.


All around the world, LBT+ communities continue to be excluded by international movements and systems that should serve them. The security, needs and rights of LBT+ communities are routinely de-prioritised by movements campaigning for LGBT+ and human rights, gender equality and social justice. On top of this, sexual orientation often remains predominant in campaigns, to the detriment of multiple and intersectional rights appeals. This systematic exclusion can lead to discrimination, harassment and violence, limited safe spaces and disempowered communities.

Key problems include an evidence gap on the experiences and needs of LBT+ communities, which makes it harder to advocate for change. Work on LBT+ rights is also severely under-funded, in comparison with both mainstream LGBT+ rights and gender equality work. We know that meaningful change requires a strong evidence base and long-term investment. This two-year project marks the start of an emerging programme of work for Stonewall and its partners in this area.

Participating Organisations

The partner organisations are based in the following countries (more information soon):













Macedonia FYR







South Africa

Trinidad & Tobago






What do we mean by LBT+? 

This project is for lesbians, bi women and trans people, of all gender identities and expressions. We adopt a culturally and linguistically broad definition of lesbian, bi and trans.

Although this project doesn’t specifically cover intersex rights issues in a substantive and focused way, we are working with partners which include or prioritise them in their work – including in this project. In general, Stonewall is keen to review our approach to intersex inclusion in our global programmes work, and to consult with intersex-led organisations as we do this.

For more on our inclusion approach, please email claire.house@stonewall.org.uk.

Further information 

This two-year Stonewall project is funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office between Summer 2018 and Spring 2020.

If you have any questions about the programme, please send them to Liz Jacobs, International Programmes Officer at Stonewall: liz.jacobs@stonewall.org.uk