Out of the Margins - A Global LBT+ Rights Project
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Out of the Margins - A Global LBT+ Rights Project

All around the world lesbians, bi women and trans people (LBT+ communities) continue to be excluded by international movements and systems that should serve them. Out of the Margins is a new two-year international project which builds evidence and global action on LBT+ rights. Grounded in participatory and intersectional approaches, Stonewall is delivering it in partnership with a network of 27 organisations across Europe and Central Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

The project focuses on five main issues where LBT+ communities continue to face severe marginalisation: 

  • Economic well-being
  • Education
  • Health
  • Personal security and violence
  • Civic and political participation

Partners are now conducting research on these issues across the 24 countries, with findings expected in Winter 2019. Immediate next steps include an International Meeting in February 2020, where we will re-convene to learn, strategise and further grow the impact of the network.

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All around the world, LBT+ communities continue to be excluded by international movements and systems that should serve them. The security, needs and rights of LBT+ communities are routinely de-prioritised by movements campaigning for LGBT+ and human rights, gender equality and social justice. On top of this, sexual orientation often remains predominant in campaigns, to the detriment of multiple and intersectional rights appeals. This systematic exclusion can lead to discrimination, harassment and violence, limited safe spaces and disempowered communities.

Key problems include an evidence gap on the experiences and needs of LBT+ communities, which makes it harder to advocate for change. Work on LBT+ rights is also severely under-funded, in comparison with both mainstream LGBT+ rights and gender equality work. We know that meaningful change requires a strong evidence base and long-term investment. This two-year project marks the start of an emerging programme of work for Stonewall and its partners in this area.

Aims and actions
The Out of the Margins network spans 28 organisations across three world regions – Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and Central Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Together, we work to:
  • Deepen evidence for international advocacy on LBT+ inequalities and rights violations
  • Develop coalition-working amongst campaigning organisations spanning 24 countries
  • Appeal for immediate, coordinated action within national, regional and international human rights systems
  • Raise the visibility of LBT+ rights issues globally

During February 4 – 6 2019, we delivered the last major activity which was a three-day Expert Working Group Meeting in London. Leading LBT+ rights researchers and campaigners – representing a huge diversity of human rights organisations – came together to develop joint research projects to be implemented in the 24 countries, and to start developing joint advocacy plans.

This current two-year project is made possible with the generous support of the UK Government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). It grew from a smaller pilot project working with a group of 13 LBT+ campaigners from across Southern Africa, delivered in Spring 2018 and funded by the Baring Foundation.

Participating organisations

Argentina: Asociación Familias Diversas de Argentina

AFDA promotes and protects equal rights for LGBTIQ people and families across Argentina by conducting advocacy/research and providing advice, legal services, and safe participatory spaces. 

Botswana: Black Queer DocX (BQDX) 

BQDX is a collective of queer feminists working to attain human rights for all in Botswana by developing more equal, just, and inclusive communities.

Brazil: IBRAT

IBRAT aims to enhance the lives of trans men and transmasculine people in Brazil by promoting awareness of citizenship rights, improving access to healthcare and organising support groups. 

Burundi: MOLI

MOLI promotes LGBTQ rights in Burundi and the wider sub-region of the Congo, the DRC and Rwanda by lobbying for changes to the law and supporting the community to enact social change.

Chile: Organizando Trans Diversidades

Organizando Trans Diversidades promotes and defends the empowerment of trans people in Chile by working with public, private, and health institutions; conducting research; and providing legal advice and counselling.

Ecuador: Mujer & Mujer

Mujer & Mujer promotes the rights and wellbeing of lesbians, bi women and other sexual minority women in Ecuador through advocacy and providing psychological support, economic empowerment and leadership development.

Jamaica: TransWave

TransWave promotes the wellbeing of trans and gender non-conforming communities in Jamaica, taking a holistic approach to advocacy that addresses the mental, emotional and physical health of its communities.

Jamaica: Women’s Empowerment for Change (WE-Change)

WE-Change promotes the participation of LBT+ and ally women in social justice advocacy in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean, and aims to create inclusive spaces and conduct advocacy and education on feminist literacy.

Kyrgyzstan: Kyrgyz Indigo

Kyrgyz Indigo is working towards a Kyrgyzstan in which all LGBTIAQ people can live freely by conducting research, advocacy and engagement with state bodies as well as engaging with the community and LGBT+ networks.

Lesotho: The People’s Matrix Association

The People’s Matrix Association is working to promote LGBT rights in Lesotho by providing HIV testing services and counselling for MSM, alongside educating communities in collaboration with the Christian Council of Lesotho.

Macedonia: The LGBTI Support Centre

The LGBTI Support Centre promotes LGBT rights in the Republic of Macedonia by advocating for legislation and practice changes, as well as providing free legal aid and housing support for LGBTI people.

Montenegro: Association “Spectra”

Association "Spectra” is the only trans-led organisation in Montenegro, whose key activities include advocacy, providing access to social and healthcare services, raising visibility, and educating stakeholders.

Montenegro: NGO Juventas

NGO Juventas promotes LGBT inclusion in Montenegro by conducting training and advocacy, supporting legislation on LGBT rights, and providing services for LGBT people.

Mozambique: LAMBDA

LAMBDA leads the LGBT movement in Mozambique by conducting advocacy and training as well as providing psychosocial support, safe and recreational spaces, and condom distribution.

Namibia: Namibia Diverse Women’s Association (NDWA)

NDWA promotes equality for all women in Namibia by advocating for legal protection and amplifying the voices and representation of women, girls and trans-diverse people through leadership development.

Nigeria: The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERs)

TIERs works to promote the rights of LGBT people in Nigeria through advocacy, research and service provision, as well as the education, empowerment and engagement of the public.

Nigeria: Women Action for Gender Equality (WAGE)

WAGE is a Pan-African feminist LBQT organisation seeking to empower women and girls in northern Nigeria using human and sexual rights education, political and socio-economic empowerment, and law and justice.

Nigeria: Women’s Health and Equal Rights (WHER) Initiative

WHER Initiative is a feminist LBQ women-led organisation promoting the rights of LBQ women in Nigeria through advocacy, education, empowerment, psychosocial support, and research.

Peru: Más Igualdad Perú

Más Igualdad Perú fights for LGBTI rights and the recognition of LGBTI families across Peru, raising awareness around marriage equality, anti-discrimination, and recognition of trans identities.

South Africa: Matimba.Org

Matimba.Org assists trans and/or gender variant youth and their families in South Africa by providing resources and creating safe spaces for community building. 

Eswatini: Sibumbene

Sibumbene is a queer collective creating safe spaces for LBT+ people in Eswatini as well as documenting LBT+ persons’ lived realities and organising advocacy campaigns for laws and policy reform.

Trinidad and Tobago: I Am One

I Am One works for LGBTQIA and gender rights issues in Trinidad and Tobago by building community and providing safe spaces, education and expressive platforms for empowerment.

Uganda: Transgender Equality Uganda (TEU)

TEU advocates for trans women and trans sex workers in Uganda by mobilising the community, documenting rights violations, and facilitating access to health, legal and social services.

Venezuela: Diverlex

Diverlex is a collective of predominantly trans activists, as well as lesbian and gay activists, fighting for LGBT rights in Venezuela through public campaigns, capacity-building activities, conferences, and lobbying.

Zambia: Women’s Alliance for Equality (WAFE)

WAFE safeguards and supports the rights and wellbeing of women that have sex with women, lesbians, and bi and trans women in Zambia through advocacy, education, and documentation of rights violations.  

Zimbabwe: Voice of the Voiceless (VOVO)

VOVO is a feminist collective promoting LBTQI issues in Zimbabwe through advocacy, safe spaces, and developing an inclusive and intersectional women’s movement.

What do we mean by LBT+? 

This project is for lesbians, bi women and trans people, of all gender identities and expressions. We adopt a culturally and linguistically broad definition of lesbian, bi and trans.

Although this project doesn’t specifically cover intersex rights issues in a substantive and focused way, we are working with partners which include or prioritise them in their work – including in this project. In general, Stonewall is keen to review our approach to intersex inclusion in our global programmes work, and to consult with intersex-led organisations as we do this.


If you have any questions about the programme, please send them to Liz Jacobs, International Programmes Officer at Stonewall: liz.jacobs@stonewall.org.uk