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Our communities

Who our work is for

Lesbian, gay, bi and trans communities are incredibly diverse; it’s what makes them amazing. Our mission is to make sure everyone is accepted without exception. That means supporting all ages, genders and ethnic backgrounds. It means supporting people of all faiths and none. It means supporting disabled people, asylum seekers, people experiencing social exclusion and poverty. It means not limiting what we do in the UK to one city or nation and not limiting what we do around the world to the places that always make the news.

It means supporting your right to be you.

But we can’t do that work on our own. We need to hear from LGBT people and allies who can help us get things right and let us know when we can improve. So please do tell us what you’d like us to do differently or ask us if you have any questions.

Trans inclusion

In 2015 we announced that we were extending our remit to campaign for trans equality. This came after a huge consultation with over 700 trans people about the role we could play in supporting the movement. We’ve also opened a conversation about how we can get better at supporting bi people and tackling biphobia. Watch this space for more ways to get involved with shaping Stonewall’s work.

Credit to Fox Fisher and Lucky Tooth Productions


Whenever we can, we try to break down our research to find out how prejudice and discrimination affects different parts of our community. That might be looking at the experiences of bi people in the workplace, exploring the role ethnicity plays or looking at the unique concerns that people can have as they get older.


We want to build campaigns that inspire absolutely everyone, and don't leave any part of our community behind. That means using our platforms to profile the voices and experiences that are often ignored or made invisible in society. If you'd like to share your story with us then please fill out our form.


When people come together they can achieve remarkable things. That’s why we’re working hard to make sure as many people as possible can go to LGBT events and feel safe. In the past we have partnered with UK Black Pride, L-Fest, G-Fest and BiCon, and every year we work to make sure that young people from around the country can go to London Pride and feel part of something special. We're also expanding our work in schools so that we're reaching more faith schools, more rural schools and those with pupils from diverse ethnic backgrounds, and pupils eligible for free school meals.


Every year we send out thousands of guides and posters to schools, workplaces, hospitals, residential care homes, and community centres to help them spread the message of LGBT equality. We’re working hard to make sure our guides and posters are as easy to use as possible. Where we can we have provided plain text and easy read versions, as well as translations into commonly requested languages including Spanish, Polish and Urdu. We want to make our events as accessible as possible so please get in touch with your suggestions.