Stonewall's International Training
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International training

Training has been at the core of what we do ever since we started to work internationally in 2012. We currently deliver three kinds of programmes for LGBT human rights defenders and their allies in governments around the world.

Campaign Development Programme

This programme equips LGBT human rights defenders with the tools and tactics they need to develop more effective campaigns. It has most recently supported activists in Russia. Since October 2014, 16 Russian LGBT human rights defenders have completed the intensive 5-day programme, which is run in London.

Read what participants from Side by Side Film Festival and the Russian LGBT Network had to say about the Programme:

Your Campaigns Course for Human Rights Defenders was amazing! I won't forget this week or your hospitality! I really got new motivation for my job and new ideas for my LGBT activism. It was magic - to touch your experience and look inside a legendary LGBT organisation. After this course I understood that I am on the right path. I have hope and I am starting realiseize what I can do in my life.


I'm just so grateful for experiencing all this. Thank you, Stonewall, for giving me this unique opportunity… These seven days actually made me challenge myself and encouraged to do the best I can to fight for equality. I'm going back a different person. And I like that person. Спасибо!’

Learning visits

We run Learning Visits for individual LGBT human rights defenders who are interested in learning more about Stonewall's work. These are usually anything from two-hour to one-day sessions, but can sometimes also be tailored to meet individual needs for a longer or more flexible programme.

Tailored sessions

We deliver tailored training sessions and workshops to LGBT human rights defenders, and to government officials, on a variety of LGBT equality issues. We have recently delivered training in countries including Armenia, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Chile, France, Montenegro and Peru.

We're committed to expanding this exciting area of our work. For more information please​