Stonewall Top Global Employers 2018
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Top Global Employers 2018


Stonewall’s list of the best multinational employers for lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) staff.

The list is compiled from submissions to Stonewall’s Global Workplace Equality Index: a powerful benchmarking tool used by employers to create inclusive workplaces across the markets in which they operate.

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While there has undoubtedly been progress in the last century for lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) people worldwide, there remains a divergence in rights. Some countries are becoming increasingly accepting, others – increasingly repressive.

Hard-won rights and freedoms are never guaranteed and cannot be taken for granted.

Wherever you are in the world, LGBT people still face discrimination, violence and isolation. Consensual same-sex activity is illegal in over 70 countries and punishable by death in eight.

In more than half the world, LGBT people may not be protected from discrimination by workplace law. While six countries have introduced laws allowing trans people to self-determine their legal gender without restrictive requirements, most governments outright deny trans people the right to legally change their gender from that which was assigned to them at birth.

Multinational organisations have influence and play a crucial role in tackling these issues. The best employers create truly inclusive workplaces, ensuring their LGBT staff are safe and supported wherever they’re based. Those employers also build strong partnerships with local LGBT groups, and use their influence with governments, supply chains and others to advance LGBT equality.

None of this is easy. It needs global structures, adaptation to local contexts and collaboration. It needs leaders to take time to understand the lived experiences of employees and the communities they operate in, and to act on what they hear.

Stonewall’s Global Workplace Equality Index offers a clear roadmap and assessment tool to help do that - to advance LGBT equality at work and beyond. Each year, we celebrate the successes of our Top Global Employers. Those featured in our 2018 report have demonstrated their commitment to LGBT equality through innovative policies and initiatives, and engagement with LGBT issues on global and local levels.

We celebrate the great work they’ve done and hope that sharing this will inspire other organisations to follow their lead.

The fight for equality is far from over though. There’s still much more that organisations, including our Top Global Employers, can do; we all know that complacency isn’t an option.

Multinational employers need to step up and recognise the unique challenges that different groups within global LGBT communities experience – those of trans people, bi people, LGBT People of Colour and those from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities, and LGBT people of all ages, abilities, social classes and faiths, for example. We won’t achieve equality if any part of the LGBT community gets left behind.

So please join me in congratulating our Top Global Employers and all those who entered the 2018 Global Workplace Equality Index. We are proud to work with you and look forward to further collaboration with you and other multinational employers to build a world where LGBT people are
truly accepted without exception.

Ruth Hunt, Chief Executive


The Statistics

Find out how this year’s entrants performed in the Index. Collectively, they employ 1,283,246 people.


of entrants have one or more global senior champions for LGBT equality.


of entrants have a global team or position working on LGBT diversity and inclusion.


of entrants have a global LGBT network group for LGBT staff.


of entrants have consulted in-country human rights organisations to understand the local context for LGBT people.


of entrants promote themselves as being LGBT-inclusive on their global websites or social media platforms.


of entrants have a global allies programme.


of entrants have senior leaders who advocated externally for legal equality for LGBT people in partnership with local LGBT groups.


of entrants have policies that protect LGBT staff from discrimination across global operations.


of entrants offer LGBT-inclusive training in all operational countries. A further 40 per cent offered such training in some operational countries.


of entrants have a transitioning at work policy covering more than half of their countries of operation and including information for the transitioning individual, their manager and colleagues.


of entrants have partnered with local LGBT groups in more than half of their operational countries.

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