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What you can do
Welsh Parliament building - Senedd

Senedd Cymru - Welsh Parliament election 2021

The 2021 Senedd Cymru – Welsh Parliament election took place on the 6th May and during the campaign, we worked hard to ensure that the goal of achieving equality for LGBT people in Wales remains a priority for political parties, candidates – and the next government.

Whilst there’s been significant progress on LGBT equality in the first two decades of the Senedd Cymru, recent years have been challenging for many LGBT people – with hate crimes rising, lengthy waiting times for the recently established Welsh Gender Service persist, LGBT mental health inequalities continue, and ongoing toxic debates about LGBT identities remain all too common.

How can you get involved?

  • Read our LGBT manifesto – developed following our ongoing outreach work with LGBT people from across Wales, we have set out our priorities for protecting and progressing LGBT rights in the next parliament, and what commitments we want to see from the next Welsh Government.