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Scottish elections 2021 - LGBTI pledge of support text in front of Holyrood

Scottish elections 2021 - LGBTI pledge of support

The Scottish Parliament election was held on 6 May 2021. Thanks to everyone who contacted their candidates and asked them to pledge support for LGBTI equality. Over 250 candidates signed our pledge, including the leaders of the SNP, Scottish Conservatives, Scottish Labour, Scottish Greens and Scottish Lib Dems.

The Scottish LGBTI Equality Pledge has been developed by the Equality Network, Scottish Trans Alliance, Stonewall Scotland and LGBT Youth Scotland, national charities working for LGBTI equality and human rights in Scotland. It calls for candidates to commit to:

  • Promote positive mental wellbeing for LGBTI people, ensuring that actions to improve Scotland’s mental health specifically address the inequalities LGBTI people face.
  • Support LGBTI people to have equal access to health and social care services, including by reforming NHS gender identity services to be fit-for-purpose.
  • Improve LGBTI rights and protections in the law, including by reforming laws on gender recognition and ending conversion therapy.
  • Support LGBTI young people to flourish in schools through the continued implementation of inclusive education.
  • Stand up for all LGBTI people, including the most marginalised – LGBTI people of colour, refugees, disabled people, older people, and trans people.

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If you’re a candidate and would like to sign-up, please email

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