LGBTQ+ equality and the Olympics #OlympicsForAll #ParalympicsForAll | Stonewall
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LGBTQ+ equality and the Olympics #OlympicsForAll #ParalympicsForAll

The Olympic and Paralympic Games are being held in Tokyo this year, with more out LGBTQ+ athletes competing than ever before!

We want to see an #OlympicsForAll and #ParalympicsForAll where every LGBTQ+ athlete is valued. It’s incredible to see so many LGBTQ+ people competing on the world stage. But it’s impossible to ignore the impact of homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and acephobia on athletes at all levels and across the sporting world.

Rules about who can and cannot compete have led to the most marginalised being excluded as this gal-dem piece describes so clearly. We’ve seen black women being told they can’t compete. Misogyny and misogynoir unchecked within sport governing bodies. Trans people facing barriers to taking part. Toxic media scrutiny and the withdrawal of competitors who find their mental health under threat and basic accessibility needs unmet.

While we celebrate greater representation, we are left with the question - when will all LGBTQ+ people be permitted to thrive?

We celebrate those LGBTQ+ people competing, challenge the Olympics and Paralympics to do better and encourage you to take action in your community!

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