LGBT History Month 2021 | Stonewall
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What you can do
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LGBT History Month 2021

Championing inclusive education for all

LGBT History Month, begun by Schools Out in 2005, is a chance to bring the overlooked history of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people to light.

This year, the focus is on LGBT-inclusive education.

Our CEO writes below on why it's important that everyone in our community comes together to achieve inclusive education for all.

Our new resource, LGBT-Inclusive RSHE: Putting it into practice, offers teachers a comprehensive guide to planning and delivering LGBT-inclusive Relationships, Heath and Sex education. Follow the link below to find out more – you can also download a free PDF of the guide and summaries of each section.

Share the guide on social media to help ensure all teachers feel confident in supporting children and young people, including those who are LGBT+, to get the information they need to make healthy, informed choices.

This LGBT History Month, let's all play our part in creating a future where LGBT+ people are free to be themselves – at school and beyond.


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Inclusive education is vital for LGBT+ children and young people. Donate today so we can continue supporting teachers and parents with our free learning resources.

Quality RSHE helps pupils to grow up happy, healthy and safe. LGBT-inclusive RSHE is essential all year round, not just during LGBT History Month.

That's why we’ve created 'Putting it into practice', a free guide to LGBT-inclusive RSHE.

Click below to download our guide.

Download our LGBT-inclusive RSHE guide