How to become a better ally
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How to become a better ally to LGBT people in sport

Top tips on being an active ally

It’s down to all of us to be an active ally to lesbian, gay, bi and trans people in sport. It’s about being a team mate and taking responsibility. It’s not just about showing your support, it’s about playing your part in challenging prejudice and abuse. Are you ready to … 

  • Wear Rainbow Laces. Celebrate everyone in sport and make LGBT people feel welcome.  
  • Watch your language. Words have impact so challenge chants and insults.  
  • Report abuse. Learn how to report online, at live sport events and when taking part yourself.


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The lowdown on abusive language

  • Abusive language implies that being lesbian, gay, bi or trans is an insult. 
  • It’s abusive to continuously using the wrong pronouns (he/she/they) to address someone.
  • It’s abusive to use the wrong gender to describe someone. 
  • It’s abusive even if there are no LGBT people around.
  • There is no ‘grey area’. Abuse is abuse. End of.

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Top tips for challenging anti-LGBT language

  • Avoid a knee jerk reaction. Take a minute to find the right words and tone. 
  • Explain that it’s offensive to LGBT people and many others. 
  • Explain that it makes LGBT people feel unwelcome in sport. 
  • Tell them making a joke, chant or insult about being LGBT is abuse - always.

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Top tips for reporting abuse

  • Raise it with officials at your club, team, sport’s governing body or the police.
  • Look up and save numbers or download for making live reports at venues you attend 
  • Be clear and firm that anti-LGBT chants, remarks and insults are abuse.

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Rainbow Laces Toolkit 2018

Find out how to make sport everyone's game.

This toolkit offers a starting point for creating more inclusive sporting environments for LGBT people. It suggests a few simple things that any club or sporting environment can do to ensure that they are more welcoming for LGBT people. However, there is so much more to do and to come!

The Stonewall Strategy for Sport will be driving the creation of new, in depth resources that will provide greater detail on LGBT engagement in sport. There will be a particular focus in the coming year on trans participation in sport and ensuring that the sector is equipped to positively engage the LGBT community.

Download the toolkit (PDF)