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What you can do
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Creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive environment

Steps you can take to make your school, college or setting's environment more LGBTQ+ inclusive.

There are lots of ways to make your school, college or setting more LGBTQ+ inclusive. Explore the different sections of this chapter for practical guidance and ideas.

Working with others

The best schools, colleges and settings work with other organisations, such as local authorities, other settings, youth services and NHS services to make sure they are meeting the needs of their LGBTQ+ learners. Sometimes this involves inviting an LGBTQ+ group to speak, working with a local authority to develop guidance, or working with local schools, colleges or settings to celebrate LGBT+ History Month. Take a look at What's In My Area? for details of organisations near you.

An introduction to supporting LGBTQ+ children and young people

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A teacher sharing a book with a young person

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