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Come Out For Trans Equality

The fight for equality is far from over. Join our campaign and show your support for trans people in Britain today.

Come Out For Trans Equality

The fight for equality is far from over

Thank you for your help in influencing reform of the Gender Recognition Act

The UK Government consultation on the Gender Recognition Act closed on 22 October. Tens of thousands of people responded to the consultation through the Stonewall website, showing strong support for vital new rights for trans (including non-binary) and intersex people.

The Government will now analyse the thousands of responses to the consultation and develop their recommendations. Hopefully, this will mean a huge step forward for trans equality. Failure to secure these reforms would not just hold back trans people's rights, it would represent a major setback in campaigning to secure LGBT rights and equality.

The consultation may be finished, but the campaign for trans equality is not over.


Read more about the consultation process


What can you do now the consultation is closed?

The last few months have shown us what we can achieve when we come together as a movement for trans equality. Together, we need to keep up the momentum so that the Government and our politicians see just how much support exists for trans rights.

That's why we all need to get our friends, family, and networks involved, and show that people across Britain support trans people’s right to be accepted and live free from hate.

We can start by sharing the stories of people like Shash and Roch, so we can challenge the myths and misconceptions about trans people. We can also share a fantastic film, made by Fox and Owl, on their experiences of being trans. Sharing these stories will help people realise that we need everyone to come out for trans equality.


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Hear trans voices

From doctors to filmmakers, hear trans people talk about their experiences and views in this series of films made by writers, filmmakers and non-binary trans activists Fox Fisher and Owl.