Come Out For Trans Equality
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What you can do

Come Out For Trans Equality

When we come together we can achieve incredible change. The fight is far from over.

Come Out For Trans Equality

Thank you for your help influencing reform of the Gender Recognition Act. Now we need your help to change hearts and minds.

In 2017 and 2018, many thousands of you came out for trans equality by responding to the Gender Recognition Act consultations. Together we showed the UK and Scottish governments how the current process is outdated, dehumanising and excludes many trans people. Together we have made a strong case for reform.

Find out more about what you can do to support Gender Recognition Act reform in Scotland.

We need more focus on trans issues and better recognition of non-binary genders, as well as the right to self-define one's gender without unnecessary medicalisation.

Matilda, 28 (South East)

Why trans equality matters

Stonewall research shows that trans people experience inequality and discrimination across all areas of life. There is a long way to go to end transphobia in our workplaces, universities in healthcare and in the streets.

Yet misinformation in the media can mean that many people don’t realise what it means to be trans and what a difference legal changes would make. Every day there are ludicrous claims that people are being ‘turned trans’, and stories that sensationalise and misrepresent the reality of being trans. This is reminiscent of days gone by: days when the media constantly hounded lesbian, gay and bi people as deviants and prevented progress on equality for so long.

I want people to know that being trans isn't a problem, flaw or a mistake - it's just one facet of life.

Roch, 29

How can I support trans equality?

Everyone has the right to be themselves without fear. It will take time to secure better recognition for trans people, but by increasing understanding in our communities, informing and inspiring politicians and raising the visibility of trans people's stories we can achieve vital gains and pave the way for trans equality.

Find out more about the fight for trans equality.

  • Hear from trans people like Shash and Roch about what Gender Recognition Act reform means to them and watch Fox and Owl’s film series below.
  • Help build understanding by sharing The Truth About Trans with your friends, family and colleagues.
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