Why we’re coming out marching
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Why we’re coming out marching

Today Stonewall are standing shoulder to shoulder with women’s organisations, environmental groups, anti-racism and refugee campaigners, along with many others, to march through the streets of London as President Trump visits Britain.

By coming together to celebrate diversity and the strength we have in our unity, we’re sending the clear message that love trumps hate.

Since taking office in January 2017, President Donald Trump and his administration have adopted a broad anti-LGBT agenda that threatens the rights of millions of lesbian, gay, bi and trans Americans.

It’s hugely encouraging to see so many people, in the USA and across the world, speaking out against Trump’s actions. In the US, the Human Rights Campaign, a LGBTQ civil rights organisation, are spearheading the resistance. They are challenging the administration at every step and supporting pro-equality candidates in crucial mid-term elections later this year.

President Trump has attempted to stop trans people serving for their country in the military, spoken at conferences that are openly against LGBT rights and signed an executive order suggesting religious freedoms can be used to justify anti-LGBT discrimination. Trump and his administration have also consistently shown a disregard for the wellbeing and safety of all groups who face discrimination. These actions send a clear message that the most powerful person in the world does not value the rights of the LGBT community, women and all other marginalised people in the US and beyond. 

It’s more important than ever to recognise that the fight for equality in one place is the fight for it everywhere. Despite the enormous progress we have made toward equality, we cannot afford to be complacent. 

Stonewall are proud to be joining a diverse group of organisations at the #BringTheNoise march for a day of joy, love, solidarity and resistance. We’re coming together to show our strength and vision for a more positive, inclusive world because marginalised groups should never have to stand alone in the face of hate. We all have a stake in the fight for equality.

The President’s visit is an opportunity to show why LGBT rights need to be something that matters to everyone. If you believe in equality, we’re asking that you Come Out for LGBT on Friday and join us to march when President Trump makes his visit.

After the march is over, we urge you to continue to show your support as allies to the LGBT community. One vital way you can do this is to Come Out for Trans Equality and respond to the Government’s consultation on the 2004 Gender Recognition Act. 

It’s now time for us to raise our voices, loudly and proudly, and stand together arm-in-arm. Together, we are stronger than any hate that might try to divide us, so let’s bring the noise.