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Urgent need for equal hate crime laws

LGBT people continue to face abuse everyday simply for being themselves.

One in six LGB people have experienced a hate crime in the last three years, and 38 per cent of trans people have faced physical intimidation.

But in law, this form of hate crime is not treated with the same severity as hate crimes motivated by other forms of discrimination.

Don’t stay quiet. Join our campaign to protect LGBT rights.

This week I signed a letter, on behalf of Stonewall, calling for political leaders to support equal hate crime laws in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Penned by LGBT anti-violence group GALOP, the letter has now been signed by 75 organisations and outlines the unfair and unequal situation faced by victims of LGBT hate crime. 

Currently, hate crime victims who are targeted for being LGBT or disabled are protected less than those targeted because of their faith or race. 

In English and Welsh law, anti-LGBT hate crime also carries a shorter maximum sentence. 

Stonewall is calling for the next UK government to change this. 

Not only must we see equal treatment of anti-LGBT hate crime, but we must also continue to educate LGBT people around what constitutes this sort of crime and how to report it.

We also want the criminal justice system to deliver proper support to victims of LGBT hate crime, and deliver compulsory training to police on how to handle these cases.

This is just one of the issues we are asking all parties to commit to tackling, as part of our General Election manifesto. 

But to apply pressure most effectively, we need your help. 

So don’t stay quiet. Join our campaign to protect LGBT rights.

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