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What you can do

Thank you

Many thanks to all those who attended, organised and supported demonstrations for Chechnya.

This outpouring of support from many members of the British public has been overwhelming.

We know how important this for the LGBT community in Russia.

Svetlana Zakharova from the Russian LGBT network told us:

'Even though information about these terrible events has been in the public domain for over a week, no investigation has so far taken place. We ask everyone to support us and help us to spread the word.

'We want the Russian authorities to stop the torture and killings and to start urgently investigating these terrible crimes.’

If you haven’t already, you can show your support by signing this petition.
Stonewall will continue to work with activists, and continue discussions with the UK government, asking them to use their influence on Russian authorities to intervene.
We need to be there and stand in solidarity with our Russian partners for as long as it takes for every gay and bi man to be released in Chechnya.

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