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What you can do

Support LGBT people in Indonesia

We have been following the worrying and shocking events in Indonesia.

We will be working with Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health (APCOM) – a coalition of governments, UN partners, non-profits and community based organisations in Asia – and other global partners to highlight the abhorrent treatment of gay and bi men across the region.

By signing the statement, we support APCOM and their plea to the people of Indonesia.

Don’t stay quiet.

The appeal encourages everyone to help put an end to the growing mistreatment of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people in Indonesia.

The increasingly bigoted campaign has seen over 150 men detained, the public caning of two young men in Aceh and numerous police raids.

In recent weeks, we’ve witnessed atrocities in Chechnya, further proof of why standing up for LGBT people in other countries is vital.

We joined Amnesty International UK to deliver over 175 000 signatures to the Russian Embassy in London on Friday 2 June as part of a global action day on Chechnya.

Will you join our movement?

International pressure makes a real difference to those affected, ensuring justice for victims of the ongoing atrocities.

But a lack of transparency around how the crisis is being handled remains.

As part of Stonewall’s UK general election manifesto, we are asking all candidates to respond strongly, quickly and effectively where LGBT people face violence or persecution internationally.

Will you join our movement?

Don’t stay quiet.

Ask your local candidates to make LGBT equality both here and abroad a priority.

Together we can make a difference.

Here are a few tips for ensuring you are doing what you can to support the people affected:

1.    Share this statement with family, friends and colleagues to create awareness about this issue

2.    Keep informed by reading from activists on the ground

3.    Act in line with what they say is useful. Imagine if the UK was facing a similar crisis. We'd want any international intervention to be about us, not about those in other countries

4.    Contact Indonesian government embassies to protest the poor treatment of LGBT people 

5.    Donate to these emergency funds – G.A.Y.a nusantara or GWL-INA