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Rainbow flag in front of Big Ben

Stonewall and Rainbow Project Statement

We remain concerned by the involvement of the Democratic Unionist Party in the new government. 

They have a poor record on LGBT rights, not least by vetoing same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland five times. 
But we are hopeful – and so are campaigners in Northern Ireland.  

Stonewall and the Rainbow Project see this as an opportunity. 

When the DUP stepped through the doors of No 10 to discuss their place in the new government, their lack of support for LGBT equality was also brought into the limelight to a much wider audience.
Stonewall and the Rainbow Project see this as an opportunity. 
Since the election, many Conservative MPs and MPs across parties have written to Stonewall to reaffirm their commitment to LGBT equality and to ensure that there will be no backsliding. 
The Rainbow Project have received messages of support from MPs, Northern Ireland MLAs and constituents across the UK committing to support the campaign for LGBT equality in Northern Ireland and across the UK.
The major political parties and their MPs in Westminster have, over the past 50 years, gone through a process with us of transforming their understanding and approach to LGBT people and equality. 
They have moved from a place of fear and opposition to one of enlightenment and support. 

We believe the DUP can also make progress.

The Conservative Party are responsible for some of the greatest LGBT equality milestones. They now count LGBT people as some of their most committed supporters. 
We believe the DUP can also make progress.
Stonewall and the Rainbow Project will be working with the new government, and all elected parties and MPs. And if we don't see progress or there is any hint of backsliding on the rights we currently have we will call it out.

We now need acceptance without exception for LGBT people right across the UK.