What you can do
Football boot with Rainbow Laces

Role Models have a responsibility to make sport rainbow

Recent homophobic comments from a US basketball player demonstrate how much our Rainbow Laces campaign is needed, and not just in football. 

Amar'e Stoudemire said he would ‘shower across the street’ to avoid a gay teammate.

Together we can make sport everyone’s game.

Comments have a hugely negative impact, particularly on young lesbian, gay, bi and trans people. They make it clear that LGBT are unwelcome and they make LGBT people feel they either have to hide who they are, or not take part in sport.

Our Rainbow Laces campaign, supported by TeamPride,  is dedicated to changing attitudes so that sport is inclusive of all. As we know from our research there is a huge desire to make sport everyone’s game.

To help us in that mission, we need role models not just from football and rugby but from across all sports. They play a vital part as they have the power to change and challenge people’s opinions. 

This is why it’s so damaging for someone like Stoudemire, an internationally renowned basketball player with a huge global profile, to voice such offensive and prejudiced views.

John Amaechi, a fantastic sports role model, called out Stoudemire’s abuse. 

We need others to join him to underline how unacceptable this is. 

Together we can make sport everyone’s game.