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Ridiculous questions

Whether you’re a stone cold cynic (which will be the attitude I’m adopting this year) or a loved-up “snuggle-bunny” (insert other appropriate pet names here), Valentine’s Day can be pretty hard to avoid.

On the short walk from my flat to the tube this morning, I was bombarded by an abundance of hearts, balloons, special set menus and sloppy slogans.

One t-shirt hanging in the window of a super-trendy boutique posed an interesting question:

Will the world be left to those who love?

I stopped.

I looked at it.

I read it once. Then I read it again and immediately went back to my original thought: ‘What does this question even mean?’.

And anyway, I thought it was the meek who were going to ‘win big’ when it comes to the Earth?

Then other questions started to emerge:

What if you don’t believe in love?

What if you’re not looking for love?

What if you’re desperately looking for love but it’s all a downright nightmare and people never look like their profile picture?

Does this have to be the love of another human? Or will a love of penknives and launderettes suffice?

I mean, can I get a list of the exact criteria I am trying to meet here or what!?

Perhaps my cynicism is shining through too much. Maybe the question isn’t specifically about romantic love. Maybe it’s a statement on the way you choose to live your life and how you treat those around you.

Maybe I’m overthinking it…

Questions around love and relationships are often food for thought, even if they’re as ludicrous as the one on the t-shirt.

This week we asked 18 Stonewall staff members a different sort of question - one that was (hopefully!) much easier to answer.

Check out the video below to hear the most ridiculous things we’ve been asked about LGBT relationships: