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Reds Go Rainbow for Liverpool Pride

If you haven’t seen it, Liverpool FC just released a short video in support of Liverpool Pride which you can watch here.  

The #RedsGoRainbow film is a very simple but clear statement from their chief executive Peter Moore about the club’s support for the city’s annual celebration of LGBT acceptance. 

To celebrate Pride the football club will light up Anfield stadium in rainbow colours each night, have a visible Pride presence in all club stores and invite every member of the team and staff to march alongside thousands of others on the day.

The club is challenging negative attitudes towards LGBT people in sport

Liverpool FC’s commitment to stand alongside the city’s LGBT community at Pride as allies sends a strong message to LGBT fans, players and staff that they are welcome and accepted. 

It also underlines how unwelcome and unacceptable anti-LGBT language and attitudes are as part of the club’s fan community, and particularly at Anfield. The club's LGBT fan group known as the Kop Outs! have been critical to increasing LGBT visibility and working with Liverpool to create an inclusive enviroment for all fans. You can find out more about them here.

This isn’t the first time the club has marched at Pride, and others including rivals Manchester City march each year with their LGBT fans. At Pride in London this year, many fan groups came together under the umbrella Pride In Football celebrate their contribution and love of the game. 

The growing support for Pride events is only a positive sign in British sport, and builds on commitment made last November for the Rainbow Laces campaign to make sport everyone’s game.

By playing an active and visible role at events like Liverpool Pride, the club is challenging negative attitudes towards LGBT people in sport as well as making an international impact on millions of fans that follow them in other parts of the world. 

I’ll be joining Stonewall’s team at this year’s Liverpool Pride for the first time, and look forward to watching the Reds going rainbow.