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Parliament should reflect society

Parliament should reflect the society it represents, so it’s good to see an increase in the number of openly lesbian, bi and gay candidates elected. 

Unfortunately there are still no openly trans MPs and the number of openly bi MPs is also small. Representation of LGBT people in positions of power is extremely important. 

It demonstrates how much progress Britain has made, sending a powerful message internationally. 

It demonstrates how much progress Britain has made

Having LGBT people visible in public life also helps foster an inclusive society, and provides strong role models for those who don’t yet feel able to be themselves and for young LGBT people.

As someone who is both trans and bi, I know how important it is that we have a political system to reflect all of us. 

This year saw the most trans people stand for election with nine openly trans candidates, compared to four in 2015 and none in 2010.

This shows some progress but we’d urge all parties to actively work on increasing trans representation and to engage with trans communities. 

We will be working on a number of initiatives, as outlined in A Vision For Change, to empower trans people and to give them greater access to public platforms. 

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Read 'Vision for Change: Acceptance without exception for trans people'