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LGBT highlights at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe has returned for another year!

As part of the festival, there will be an array of lesbian, gay, bi and trans performers and productions hitting the streets and venues of Edinburgh, with something to cater to all interests.

With so much talent to choose from, the Stonewall Scotland team have helpfully picked out our top LGBT highlights for the coming month:


Stonewall Role Model and accomplished playwright, Jo Clifford, takes to the stage in this solo production. She tells the story of her own personal journey from childhood to becoming one of Scotland’s top 10 outstanding women in 2017.

Tickets available here (14+)


‘Out’ represents the struggle to be “black enough, straight enough and Jamaican enough”, and challenges anti-LGBT behaviour and attitudes within Caribbean communities, through performance art.

Tickets available here (16+)


This production tells the story of a 60-year-old man, having become widowed, accepting his sexuality, coming out, and navigating the new online dating world.

Tickets available here (14+)


Aaron Twitchen presents an innovative new approach to stand-up comedy – fused with a circus show. A light-hearted show, Aaron mixes “relatable stories of friendship, love and wine with jaw-dropping stunts on the aerial silks.”

Tickets available here (16+)


14 years later, Kate O’Donnell highlights the “ins and outs and ups and downs of transitioning” through a mash-up of song, dance, and comedy in this solo production.

Tickets available here (14+)


Part of the Free Fringe, this spoken word solo-show from Hannah Raymond explores one woman’s lonely search to find community, through addressing issues such as mental health, queer culture, and belonging.

Tickets available here (14+)

Disclaimer: The above recommendations are made in good faith. Stonewall takes no responsibility for the content of these shows.