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Stonewall at London Pride

Time to celebrate, but also reflect

We’ve come a long way since 1967 and we have lots to celebrate but we still have much more to do. 

Partial decriminalisation, while important, was only the very start of an amazing revolution for lesbian, gay, bi and trans people in England and Wales.  

In Scotland, this vital legislative change change came in later, in 1981.

It's astouding to think that 50 years ago, gay and bi men were arrested simply because of who they were.

Since then we’ve seen anti-LGBT laws repealed, and had legislation introduced that protects the LGBT community.

We now have equal adoption rights, the repeal of Section 28 and, more recently, the introduction of same-sex marriage

Despite all of this positive change however, we must remember there is still so much more to do.

This anniversary, at Stonewall we’re taking time to reflect on the work that lies ahead.

While lesbian, gay and bi people might almost be equal in law, trans people still face legal barriers. 

The Gender Recognition Act is in urgent need of reform and it’s good to see the Government is soon to consult on a review. We want to see an end to the invasive, medicalised tests that trans people have to go through currently.

But law doesn’t mean discrimination stops.

LGBT people as a whole continue to face abuse in their daily lives.

This abuse and discrimination can disproportionately affect certain parts of the lesbian, gay, bi and trans community, for example LGBT people of colour (POC), who experience dual discrimination. 

This includes racism within the community, which we must urgently address.

Further afield, same-sex relations are illegal in 72 countries, and punishable by death in eight.

It’s clear that, while we stand on the shoulders of giants whose work has been life-changing for LGBT people everywhere, that there is still a long way to go.

Everyone has a part to play in ensuring all LGBT people are accepted without exception and by standing together and fighting for equality, we look forward to celebrating even more progress over the next 50 years.