What you can do

Come Out Voting... but hurry!

On 3 May 2018, seats in nearly 150 councils across England, including the whole of London, will be contested in the last set of elections before the UK is set to leave the EU next year. 

Your local councils aren’t just responsible for picking up your bins and letting you know when the council tax is due. They have the power to make decisions that impact our everyday lives in more ways than you may think. 

Many of the big issues that affect LGBT people's lives aren’t only decided at Westminster

For LGBT equality, this couldn’t be truer.

Our local councils keep our communities safe to live in, make sure that social care meets the specific needs of LGBT people, provide health services including sexual health clinics, and support schools to tackle the deeply worrying levels of homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying that young people are facing.

And this is just to name just a few of the areas local councils are responsible for. Essentially, many of the big and day-to-day issues that affect LGBT people's lives aren’t only decided at Westminster. 

The deadline to register is fast approaching

That’s why it is so important to exercise your right to vote in these upcoming local elections. But hurry – the deadline to register is fast approaching. If you don’t do it by 17 April 2018, your voice won’t be heard. 

Come Out and Vote for LGBT equality during these elections, just make sure you’re registered first! 

For more information about what your local council does for LGBT equality, how to contact your candidates and get involved with campaigning – check out our guide.