What you can do

Chechnya: Crisis Continues

The situation in Chechnya remains horrific.

There are many sensitivities and dangers surrounding the situation but as far as we know the detention, torture and killings of gay and bi men continue.

And now staff at the newspaper who first broke the story of the atrocities and staff supporting them have been threatened.

An assembly attended by 15,000 people in Chechnya’s capital Grozny called for retaliation against them.

Journalists are now living in hiding because public calls for retaliation made by influential people in Chechnya are often followed by attacks, including killings. You can take action to help protect the journalists.

Our Russian partners on the ground are doing what they can to help survivors. The Russian LGBT network has opened a refuge centre in Moscow and is assisting those trying to leave Chechnya.

We are calling on the UK and other governments to assist LGBT people in imminent danger to leave Chechnya and find safe sanctuary outside Russia.

It is important to keep international attention on the atrocities in Chechnya. High profile debates like the one yesterday in the UK parliament, where many MPs and the UK government spoke out forcefully against the terrible crimes committed against the LGBT community in Russia, are absolutely vital. 

Please stand in solidarity with the LGBT community in Russia:

1. Help to defend the Russian journalists who broke the story

2. Donate to the emergency response 

3. Sign the Amnesty petition if you have not done so already