What you can do

Celebrating Black History Month


In the UK October marks Black History Month, which is an important time to me as it honours role models whose contributions to society are often marginalised. 

It can break down barriers among communities to acknowledge and celebrate difference, and help people learn more about past and present black figures who have made incredible contributions to society.

These accomplishments are often erased from society, which those of us who face dual discrimination can face even more disproportionately. 

This is why it’s necessary to ensure we use Black History Month to mark the successes of black lesbian, gay bi, and trans people who continue rewrite the futures of their communities in daily activism.

As well as marking these successes, the month is also a time for us all to recognise and challenge the racism within our communities in all its forms. 

In doing so, we can encourage people to see their collective responsibility within this, and understand their potential in helping create safe spaces where all of us feel welcome, respected and valued.


Stonewall will be celebrating black lesbian, gay, bi and trans role models and allies across our social channels to mark Black History Month, and we'd love to see you do the same.