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#ByYourSide at Trans Pride Brighton

I grew up in Brighton, but it was at university elsewhere that I first learnt about trans, gender identity and being an ally.

Having heard about Stonewall’s consultation with over 700 trans people and the ultimate decision to become trans-inclusive, I was excited to work for the LGBT equality charity.

Fast forward to last weekend, and I found myself representing Stonewall at my first ever Trans Pride Brighton; my hometown, my passion in being an ally and my work, all at the same place and time.

People hurried to our stall in droves digging into our free resources and asking about what we’d been doing since we became trans-inclusive. It was a wonderfully warm community event, thoughtfully accessible with workshops throughout the day and a main stage with trans speakers, acts and musicians. It was fantastic to see neighbours, families, old friends and new have a space that was theirs and made with them in mind. The tagline ‘Putting the T first’ is exactly what the event did.  

Trans Advisory Group at Trans Pride Brighton

We loved using our #ByYourSide campaign to start conversations with people on the day. I asked them to think about who’s been there for them, and who they have they stood by. Whether you’re trans yourself or not, whether you’re LGB or not, everyone has someone who has supported them to be themselves, and in turn, stood by someone.

People were happy to pose with our placard to demonstrate that they too are an ally in some way or another.

The Trans Advisory Group from Stonewall were the real stars of the show, wearing our ‘Some People Are Trans, Get Over It’ t-shirts and speaking to everyone about how they’ve been shaping our work at Stonewall. They were brilliant, and with their help and support, we will be able to do more in communities to change hearts and minds. They are by our side, and we are by theirs.

A huge thank you to Rhe, Sarah, Callum, Ruth and Caroline for their help on the day.

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