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Azerbaijan – some detainees released, but crisis continues

Stonewall has received reports confirming that many of the LGBT people detained in last month’s police raids in Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku, have now been released.

It is uncertain how many victims remain in detention. We continue to work closely with local LGBT activists, who are monitoring the situation on the ground.

And while the news of some of the victims’ release is certainly welcome, their ordeal is far from over.

They are in urgent need of support.

Survivors report being subject to beatings and even electric shock torture while in detention. Many are now homeless. They are in urgent need of support. To help the survivors of the raids, you can donate to this emergency fund.

We continue to call on the UK government to urge the authorities in Azerbaijan to put an end to the human rights abuses against the LGBT community, and to conduct an independent investigation into the mistreatment and torture of LGBT people.

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