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What you can do

Newcastle City Council leads Stonewall’s top LGBT-inclusive employer list

Newcastle City Council is first ever local authority to claim number one spot Education, legal and government dominate Top 100 Most competitive Top...

Remembering the Holocaust

Josh Bradlow

Following several years of escalating persecution under the Nazi regime, more than six million Jewish people were murdered during the Holocaust. Alongside Romany Gypsies and people with disabilities...

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A step forward for RSE in Wales

Responding to the Education Minister’s announcement , Andrew White, Director of Stonewall Cymru said: ‘Stonewall Cymru welcomes today’s announcement...

Why Bi Pride UK's new magazine is so exciting

Stonewall staff

LGBTQ+ media and publications are a fantastic source of inspiring information that we owe so much to, however, rarely is the authentic bi experience reflected, despite bi people making up a...


Stonewall statement on Layla Moran

Josh Bradlow, Head of Policy at Stonewall said: ‘It’s fantastic to see Layla Moran MP speaking openly and bravely about being pan and her...

BAME LGBT creatives take centre stage at Stonewall showcase

Stonewall’s Diaspora Showcase returns for second year BAME/POC LGBT Activists, performers, poets and writers share stories of hope and...

The fight for marriage equality is not over

Leanne MacMillan

In January, the first same-sex marriages will take place in Northern Ireland. It’s been a long road, but finally we can celebrate having marriage equality in every part of the UK. Same-sex marriage...


Why I'm so thrilled Bi Pride UK is back in 2020

Jesse Ashman

This year, Bi Pride UK became an essential event for many bi people in London, and one of the few chances for us to get together and celebrate our differences. As well as making space for...

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Human Rights Day: standing with the forgotten

Liz Jacobs

To mark Human Rights Day on 10 th December this year, Stonewall is partnering with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to show a screening of the film Rafiki. It's a story about the growing...


Majority of Brits want to play their part to challenge anti-LGBT abuse in sport

New polling shows British public’s changing attitudes towards LGBT inclusion in sport Nearly two thirds of British people (65 per cent) think it’s...


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