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Stonewall statement on Ashers Bakery

Ashers Bakery, based in Northern Ireland, refused to bake a cake bearing the slogan 'Support Gay Marriage'. Today the UK Supreme Court ruled the...

National Coming Out Day 2018

Wayne Dhesi

This National Coming Out Day, Wayne Dhesi, Stonewall’s Youth Programmes Manager and creator of RUComingOut , tells us why it’s so important to keep sharing our coming out stories. Everyone’s coming...


Call for Expressions of Interest

Closing date: Tuesday, October 30, 2018 Apply now Why this project? All around the world lesbians, bi women and trans people (LBT+ communities)...

Our work for trans equality is at the heart of our mission for acceptance without exception

Ruth Hunt

Since the planned reform of the Gender Recognition Act was announced a year ago, there have been daily articles and social media threads that question trans people’s right to exist, trying to...

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Bi Visibility Day 2018

George Alabaster

This Sunday, 23 September, is Bi Visibility Day – George Alabaster, Stonewall’s Digital Officer and co-chair of its Bi Staff Network, talks about the challenges the bi community face and how we can...

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Leaders in sport gather for Rainbow Laces Summit

Stonewall hosts annual LGBT sport summit at Wembley to discuss LGBT inclusion Role models including Tom Bosworth and Amazin LeThi speak about...

BAME LGBT talent come together for special Stonewall showcase

Event celebrates unique experiences of being BAME and LGBT Activists, performers, poets and writers share stories of marginalisation BAME LGBT people...

Jade Thirlwall attends Stonewall Youth event at Manchester Pride

Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall attends her first Pride with LGBT charity Stonewall Jade Thirlwall leads Stonewall youth group in Manchester Pride Parade...

Stonewall Stand Up Sessions 2018

Supported by Stonewall Stand Up Sessions 2018 The UK’s best LGBT comedians all on in one night? In the same place? For only £18? You’re having a laugh. Well you will be if you join us for our Stand Up Sessions at London’s iconic Comedy Store. It’s an evening of topical insight and hilarious gags...

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Speculating about athletes’ sexual orientation needs to stop

Kirsty Clarke

We know there is still work to do to make sport truly inclusive for LGBT people. But however well intentioned, stunts like Paddy Power’s empty bus for Brighton Pride this weekend , and the endless...



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