Egypt - arrests of LGBT people rising
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Egypt - arrests of LGBT people rising

In October, we shared our concerns over the anti-LGBT crackdown in Egypt, following rainbow flags being displayed at a pop concert in Cairo.

Since then, the number of individuals arrested for their actual or perceived sexual orientation has risen to 76, with at least 40 individuals sentenced to prison for up to six years. Only a small number of the arrests are believed to be related to the pop concert - the majority of those arrested were entrapped through online dating apps.

Last week, a further 16 men were convicted of “debauchery” and sentenced to three years in prison.

And the Egyptian parliament continues to consider a law that would punish homosexuality by imprisonment of up to 15 years, which has the support of over 60 Egyptian MPs.

A representative of The Alliance of Queer Egyptian Organisations told us:

As the LGBT community in Egypt is facing this terrible crisis we are working as hard as we possibly can to provide legal aid and lawyers to those arrested.

We are also  finding sanctuary for LGBT activists at risk of arrest and torture and working with our partners across the globe to raise awareness and mobilise the international community to help stop these atrocities.

I would like to thank Stonewall and its supporters for showing solidarity with the LGBTQ community in Egypt. This means a lot to us. Please continue to stand in solidarity with us in these difficult times.

Will you stand in solidarity with the LGBT community in Egypt? Here’s how: