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Team Pride and Stonewall's Rainbow Laces Campaign

TeamPride: the companies who make Rainbow Laces possible

TeamPride: The ten companies who make the Stonewall Rainbow Laces campaign possible

Although the main focus of the Rainbow Laces campaign is on the players, fans, clubs, teams and leagues that make up sport – there is a group of companies who have been working with Stonewall over the last year without whom the Rainbow Laces campaign would not be possible.

This group of companies is called TeamPride and consists of adidas, Aon, Aviva, Barclays, eBay, Manchester United, O2, The Premier League, Sky Sports and Visa - and this year they have gone above and beyond to ensure that we deliver our biggest Rainbow Laces campaign yet. 

TeamPride is a unique model for charity partnerships

TeamPride is a unique model for charity partnerships - because as well as funding the Rainbow Laces campaign – they also invest their staff time and expertise, their influence, and their consumer reach into the campaign.

A great example of this is Sky Sports, who not only make a very generous financial contribution towards the campaign but have also covered the campaign extensively through their channels. This is key for us as it enables us to reach sports fans directly – and we’ve worked with Sky over the last year to ensure that they are bang on message. You can see all Sky Sports’ coverage of the Rainbow Laces campaign in this neatly compiled hub.

Another key partner this year has been Aviva who have transformed our relationship with professional rugby over the last six months via their sponsorship of RFU Premiership Rugby. This has helped ensure that the campaign is broader than Football.  They have also developed this excellent short film where retired England rugby players Will Greenwood and Ben Cohen, and referee Nigel Owens make a surprise visit to the gay-inclusive rugby team The Bristol Bisons. Watch here.

A partner that has helped us in a different way is eBay – who have helped us sell thousands of laces through our fee-free eBay charity shop. They have also donated key advertising placements across to increase the reach of our campaign and help us engage with people who might not have come across Stonewall before.

Here is a rundown of what our other TeamPride partners have done;

  • adidas launched their second Pride Pack range of trainers in the summer. This aligns with our second campaign peak around summer sports.
  • Aon were the first company to join TeamPride, and since then Katherine Conway and Phil Clement have recruited adidas, Manchester United and secured pro-bono support from Pitch Marketing who created the current Rainbow Laces and TeamPride brands.
  • Barclays are our newest member of TeamPride. They have involved their London-based staff with Rainbow Laces Day and they will be working with us throughout the year to drive forward our partnership with the Premier League.
  • Manchester United provide vital insight into the way that professional football clubs think and operate. They help us run the campaign in a way that considers the culture of Football and work within it.
  • The Premier League have enabled us to achieve a mass activation across football – including players wearing laces, captains wearing arm bands, managers wearing lapel badges and stadiums being turned rainbow.
  • O2 emailed their customers about the campaign ahead of the England vs Samoa autumn international last weekend – and produced this excellent Rainbow Laces advert.
  •  And lastly Visa, who have promoted the campaign to all their UK staff and sponsored our Rainbow Laces launch event at The Curtain in Shoreditch, London.

So, a huge thank you to TeamPride! With their support, we have reached more people than we could have dreamed of and built long-term senior-level relationships with the sports organisations that have the power to change the culture of sports all contributing to our ultimate aim of making sport everyone’s game.