Launching Stonewall Season 2017-Bristol Community Action Day
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Launching Stonewall Season 2017 - Bristol Community Action Day

This year's Stonewall Season launched in Bristol on Sunday 1 October!

Stonewall Season, supported by Visa, is a week of events right across Britain, run by you. Whatever you want to do, big or small, Stonewall Season is the time to Come Out For LGBT and hold your own event for equality this October.

15 groups from across Bristol and the surrounding area did exactly this!

The community action day launched Stonewall Season, a week of events in October run by you. Workshops and talks explored how how to come out as an ally for LGBTQ people, even if you're LGBTQ yourself, how community spaces and urban planning impact different identities and how the history of LGBTQ activism impacts the context of today. There were also moving and entertaining performances from Shon Faye and Tom Marshman.  

Visit the Stonewall Season events page to find an event in your area, there's still time to host one! Even if it's a small planning session for something later in the year, an Equali-tea or quiz to prompt discussion and action in your school or workplace or a pub quiz. Our resources will guide you.

Stonewall Season events can make a difference in your community and build momentum and support the movement. How will you Come Out For LGBT?