How to support those facing atrocities in Chechnya
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What you can do

How to support those facing atrocities in Chechnya

What is taking place at the moment in Chechnya is abhorrent, and understandably, we all want to know what we can do to help. 

Here are a few tips for ensuring you are doing what you can to support the people on the ground experiencing these atrocities:

1. Keep informed by reading from activists on the ground

2. Act in line with what they say is useful. Imagine if the UK was facing a similar crisis. We'd want any international intervention to be about us, not about those in other countries

3. Sign petitions - the Amnesty International petition is the one Stonewall is promoting. More signatures on one petition is most effective and Amnesty really knows its business

4. Don't circulate or promote fake news. It doesn't help. Check your sources

5. Donate to groups on the ground, and if you donate via an intermediary, check exactly where your funds are going

6. Don't forget. Often spikes in international interest fade away but atrocities remain and continue. Keep interested and concerned

7. Learn about geopolitics. Russia and Chechnya aren't the same

8. Avoid stereotypes that portray Putin as feminine or characterise what's happening in terms of race. How we act in moments of crises that face our communities speaks to our strength and values as a movement