A Vision for Change
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A Vision for Change

Today the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group launched 'A Vision for Change', a five-year plan for trans equality in Britain.

In reality, their 'Vision for Change' is about a lot more than Stonewall.

It is a vision for all trans people, the parents of trans children, and every ally to the trans community who wants to help ensure that everyone is accepted without exception.

It’s a vision of a world where trans people are no longer forced to be someone they’re not, and are able to see themselves reflected in the media and in everyday life.

So much time and effort has gone into A Vision for Change

 'A Vision for Change' , written by trans people and for trans people, is a powerful document that will steer us toward a world where all trans people are accepted without exception.

It outlines the needs that must be addressed to further trans equality, from improving trans people’s experiences at work, to introducing trans-specific training for teachers to ensure that they can support trans students and tackle bullying.

The document also calls for legal reform, so that all trans people are protected in law, are recognised as valid and can have their true identities reflected in documentation.

This includes reforming the Gender Recognition Act, introducing X markers on passports and amending the language used in the Equalities Act.

I am so delighted to have been involved in the process of this document coming together, leading consultation meetings with trans people across Britain to help understand the issues that affect them most.

So much time and effort has gone into 'A Vision for Change' , from those who fed into its themes and priorities, to the Trans Advisory Group who drafted it and worked to ensure that it reflects all trans identities.

We’ve had an overwhelming and positive response to the document since it launched this morning, from both trans people and allies, and I am extremely excited to see what comes next.

I hope that you are too.

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