Stonewall on standing against hate
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What you can do

Standing together against hate

People in America, and all over the world, have been horrified to see President Trump sign an order to ban immigration from seven countries this weekend.

Countries where many face oppression, violence and violation of their human rights.

This act is fuelled by the politics of division. It singles out whole groups of people and says they are a threat. Many people will be directly affected by this: prevented from travelling to the United States, and stopped from seeking refuge in that country from war or oppression.

Many more in communities throughout the USA and around the world will feel its wider impact because this gives people permission to blame whole groups for what is wrong in their communities, their lives or their country.

LGBT people know what that is like, and unfortunately, many others do too. So it is vital that we act now, clearly and with determination to condemn and challenge actions like this.

This act is fuelled by the politics of division. 

People in the United States are already using the power in their democratic and legal frameworks to challenge and limit their President’s ability to act in this way.

We need to show in the UK, and in LGBT communities, that we stand by their side, and by the side of people regardless of their place of birth, their faith or any other characteristic that makes them who they are.

We must uphold the values that make our society better: acceptance, kindness and community.

We have more in common than divides us. And we must not let actions like these divide our communities.

This is the time to stand together.