Trustees Week - Katie Cornhill | Stonewall Trustees Week - Katie Cornhill
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Trustees Week - Katie Cornhill

After just over one year as a Stonewall trustee, this Trustee Week has caused me to pause for a little in my usually manic schedule. I have been reflecting on why I chose to become a trustee to one of Britain’s most impressive charities and play my part in leading and helping to decide how it is run.

I have been privileged to work for both Her Majesties Royal Marine Commandos and in my current employment with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. I have further been lucky enough to work in a number of voluntary roles alongside some amazing people who I have unashamedly observed and sponged knowledge and know-how from.

It has been a great benefit to develop an increasing level of strategy and leadership skills and experience that I now find helps me to support Stonewall and our wonderful team in achieving our aims. Best of all, I get to often watch a workforce that never ceases to inspire me daily. I also get to work at the heart of this superb organization with fellow board members who are truly making a difference.

That all sounds really fluffy I know, but none the less it is true. But being a trustee with Stonewall means I am making decisions that make a lasting difference to local and national communities and even to society as a whole. As a firefighter who goes to work every day to make people lives safer, stronger and healthier that’s something I really care about. I believe we're stronger united and that we need to build on the deep foundations across Britain we have already laid so our communities can continue to find ways to thrive, and more individuals can reach their full potential. I am a trustee with Stonewall to support those who can’t yet be themselves.

Each and every day that I think of my trustee role I feel rewarded and involved in a cause that really matters to me. I often get to meet new people, learn new skills and use my existing skills in a new context because I am regularly exposed to new experiences and new groups of people. As a public service leader, being a trustee with Stonewall presents me with new exciting challenges as well as some difficult tests to overcome.

What I do know is that is that until every LGBT person is accepted without exception, and therefore enabled to flourish, then our communities and society will not reach its full potential. I am here to let all lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, here and abroad, know they're not alone.

Stonewall will be looking to recruit new members of the board in early 2017, the recruitment process will be announced in due course.