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Stonewall statement on IAAF ruling on trans athletes

Robbie de Santos, Director of Sport, Stonewall said: ‘Sports needs to have extensive scientific, research-led discussions to inform their policies on...

Compulsory voter ID in elections

Laura Russell

This week, we have heard that the Government is planning to introduce compulsory photo ID for voters for all future parliamentary and English local elections. This would mean that in order to vote...

NewsBlogSocial exclusion

International Pronouns Day

Neil McDonald

There’s a lot of discussion in the media and online recently about the use of gender pronouns. Gender pronouns aren’t new though. We use them all the time to identify and refer to someone. Describing...


Coming out, and my mental health

Sarah Brown

Mental health can affect anyone, on any day of the year, but today is World Mental Health Day. So I want to talk about mental health, particularly LGBT people’s mental health. Research shows that...

NewsBlogHealth & social care

Why we need Hate Crime Awareness Week more than ever

Josh Bradlow

This year, Hate Crime Awareness Week falls at a time when our nation is going through a period of intense divisions. In any society, as rhetoric grows coarser, and communities are pitted against each...

NewsBlogLaw & crime

Black History Month Heroes

Stonewall's BAME/PoC Staff Network

We’re acknowledging and celebrating the thousands of historic contributions that Black LGBTQ individuals have made throughout history, paving the way not only for LGBTQ PoC but the LGBT community...


U.S. Supreme Court takes on LGBT equality

Leanne MacMillan

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear three landmark court cases challenging the fact that you can still be fired for being LGBT. Even though this is taking place in America, it’s a pivotal moment...

NewsBlogInternationalLaw & crime

Why diversity and inclusion are so important to your workplace

Evelyn Asante-Mensah OBE, DLtt, MA (she/her)

Stonewall works with more than 800 companies and organisations in every sector around the UK, supporting their work to create inclusive workplaces and better LGBTQ allies in all aspects of their...


7 lesbians open up about the importance of visibility in 2019

Stonewall staff

For International Lesbian Day, we’ve asked our lesbian staff what it means to them to be a lesbian in 2019, and what message they'd like to share with other lesbians. Today, we want to celebrate the...


Dispelling myths around detransition

Kirrin Medcalf

Over this past weekend, we saw some worrying headlines and conversations online about trans and cis people whose exploration of their gender identity involves detransition. So let’s start with the...



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