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Stonewall celebrates defining moments and voices this LGBT History Month

  • Stonewall25 website commemorates historical milestones for equality

  • LGBT Voices shares 25 stories of those who have helped shape our community

  • Stonewall asks: 'what's your defining moment in LGBT history?'

Stonewall marks LGBT History Month this year by working with schools, local authorities, celebrities and workplaces to celebrate LGBT history and share their defining LGBT moment in LGBT history.

The organisation will share stories from its guide celebrating older LGBT people LGBT Voices andlook back on its journey on the Stonewall25 website. Stonewall will also share the recollections of our visionary founders – where the original founding members of the organisation came together to discuss how far Stonewall has come since being formed in 1989.

The charity has sent LGBT History Month packs, which contain information on historic LGBT events and achievements, to more than 1,000 schools and local authorities. 700 Stonewall Diversity Champions – who together employ more than six million people – have also been sent materials.

Stonewall will also be marking LGBT History Month with a Twitter Q&A – using #infolinelive – dedicated to LGBT history and what it means to people on 17 February at 6:30pm.

LGBT History month provides a wonderful opportunity to stop and reflect on how far we’ve come. The gay pubs that provide us with a space to be ourselves, the small groups of people who come together for a common cause, the groups that serve our local communities and the thousands upon thousands of individuals who’ve worked together to achieve change. Our movement is built on strong foundations which will serve us well in the battles to come.

Ruth Hunt, CEO, Stonewall